“During this campaign I have had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of constituents about the many issue impacting our District and their lives. These are several of the issues I intend to work on as your State Senator.”
 - Ray Dothard

Property Taxes

Reinstate the property tax rebate. Utilize more of the state income tax and state sale tax for school funding. This will take some of the burden off of the homeowner. It will also protect seniors from being taxed out of their homes and in some cases out of the state due to the burden of high property taxes.


Prioritize increasing employment opportunities. Offer industry incentives to locate in New Jersey and hire from within the state. Fast track investments in infrastructure repair and rebuilding to create jobs and improve our transportation systems. This will grow our economy and create opportunities for our workforce.


At the state level, work to constrain the rising cost of higher education. Provide more financial aid to students who need it. Make college loans more available at greatly reduced interest rates. Identify, monitor and invest in our “failing” schools to assure that all students receive an education that provides the skills necessary for success. Facilitating an exodus of our best students from our public system by providing school vouchers is not the answer.

Health Care

Support the Affordable Care Act. Fund women’s health care programs such as mammograms, cancer screening and prenatal care. These programs save women lives and reduce health care cost by early detection of many deadly diseases. More should be done to promote wellness of all of our citizens. Early detection creates a healthier community and cuts costs by identifying treatable illnesses in their early stages.

Minimum Wage

Strongly support raising the wage from $7.25 to $8.25 an hour.

Energy / Environment

Increase investment in renewable green energy sources such as wind and solar. This will help to reduce our carbon “footprint” caused by the burning of fossil fuels for energy. This in turn will reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

Gun Control

Close the gun show loophole all over the USA. And support smaller magazine capacity, Universal Background Checks and implement Gun Safety programs for all gun purchasers.

Veterans Affairs

We must make sure the VA New Jersey Health Care System provides all necessary services to returning New Jersey veterans.

Right of Workers to Collective Bargaining

Since 1935, the National Labor Relations Act has governed collective bargaining in the United States. Having been a union member for more than forty years, as a New Jersey State Senator, I will always support the right of workers to enter collective bargaining.

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